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In 2020, the virtual classroom has become the norm. Although this approach has preserved the face-to-face meeting by converting it into synchronous remote moments, it has resulted in fatigue in trainers and learners alike! What about a paradigm shift in 2021?

(e-book) Major Digital Learning trends in 2021.

In its first e-book of the year, the Teach Up team shares its digital learning beliefs and instincts for 2021.


This will not be the year of any single technology or method, but instead a different approach to training; resolutely more blended, collaborative and experience-based!

1. Create complete training courses

Instead of creating simple “moments” with mono-modal technologies, create complete experiences (synchronous or asynchronous) which may contain several methods used side by side.

2. Vary content and tools

To save design time and create maximum participant engagement, use your existing content and combine tools (YouTube videos, Genially presentations, etc.) to turbocharge your training.

3. Bring experience-based training to life

This year, don’t be afraid of incorporating ever-more immersive methods into your blended courses, such as virtual reality, 360° video and smart glasses.

4. Major focus on collaborative tools

Collective intelligence can work miracles in training. It encourages ideation, enables the collection of feedback, or simply makes it quicker to share knowledge.

5. Facilitate a multi-distribution approach

There are many issues involved in distribution. Consider making use of agile technologies that are set up to distribute your training media while at the same time letting you create, update and monitor your courses.

Are you starting to get a better feel for what 2021 will bring? Are you wondering exactly how to get on board with the year’s trends and enrich your training experiences?


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